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Spliced Connector

Group Connectors: Karen Fitzgerald

Spliced Connector is an artist collective based on the idea that multigenerational diversity enriches creativity and expression for everyone. Started by artists affiliated with Long Island University, Spliced Connector now openly advocates for unexpected collaborations, intergenerational connection and vibrant art making.


Ann Sgarlata

Cat Huss

Dudley Zopp

Hannah Kerin

Joyce Pommer

Larry Rushing

Maria Driscoll McMahon

Naomi Grossman

Priscilla Stadler

Susan Knight

Winn Rea

Caridad Sierra Kennedy

Cheryl Aden

Duncan Reid

Heather Palecek

K Haskell

Lauren Bourguet

Mary Pinto

Natalie Woodson

Rachel Goldsmith

Vicky A Stein

Carla Rae Johnson

Deborah Barlow

Eleanor Rahim

Jane Michalski

Kandi Spindler

Linda Tharp

Mary Teresa Giancoli

Orestes Gonzalez

Robin C. Adler

William Zehngut

Caroline Golden

Donnelly Marks

Elizabeth McAlpin

Joanne Steinhardt

Karen Fitzgerald

Linda Turner

Mary Zehngut

Patricia Dahlman

Saroj Kumar

William Dutterer

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